Подшипники со скрещенными роликами Серия YRT

Designation and Installation

n  Refer to the following table

Retention screws with self-retaining thread inserts secure the bearing components during transport: loosen the retention screws during fitting in order to facilitate centring of the bearing;retighten or remove the retention screws after fitting of  the bearing.

n  The L-section ring (inner ring) of YRT bearings can be fitted either with or without additional support (Figure 2)

a)L-section ring without support – bearing designation YRT

b)L-section ring with support – bearing designation YRT..VSP.

The entire end face of the L-shaped ring must be supported.

n  The L-section ring and support ring  must be fixed with the same screw connection. The support ring (e.g. worm wheel) must be ordered  separately.

n  When dimensioning the drive for YRT bearings it should be noted that the frictional torque can increase by a factor of between 2 and 2.5 with increasing speed.


Вид: Шарниры, подшипники
Тип: Подшипники со скрещенными роликами

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